Commercial water reclamation systems require maintenance to avoid faults, and a programme of regular servicing will help extend the lifetime value of your system, as well as reducing your total lifetime cost of ownership by minimising unscheduled repairs and downtime. However, all systems reach end of life eventually, and you’ll need to be aware of the possible reasons that could warrant you looking for a replacement system.

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Let’s look at the main signs in this article.

1. Overloading

The rate at which water is produced or reclaimed by your system can change over time, and a malfunctioning water reclamation system can cause overloading issues. Overloading occurs when too much water is produced, leading to filters becoming contaminated or needing to be changed too regularly – and also to an overall drop in water quality. Overloading is normally a sign of too much pressure in the system, arising from failing pumps and other components. Common signs of overloading include increased noise levels and unusual odours coming from the system.

2. Fluctuating Water Quality

If the water produced by your reclamation system falls short of the standards required for effective use, then it is a clear sign of a problem. Changes in odour, colour, or clarity could indicate a fault with your water quality management systems and filters, or a problem with clogging. We recommend regular microbiological testing and monitoring of the quality of your process water to ensure that it meets all standards and regulations, and taking prompt action to address any variation in quality.

3. Failed Alarms And Sensors

Regular alarms and sensor faults should be carefully noted, as these are designed to alert operators to issues within the system so that prompt corrective action can be taken before damage occurs. Alarms that are triggered without an obvious cause may be an indication of critical problems within the system itself, and it may be more cost-effective to replace the system rather than continually shut it down to investigate and resolve recurrent problems.

4. Electrical Faults

Electrical faults in your water reclamation system can be extremely dangerous and should be addressed and resolved as quickly as possible. Outdated components and faulty wiring can cause electric shocks to operators, short-circuits, and even fires if left unaddressed. Most electrical faults can be detected and resolved through your regular inspections and maintenance practices, but in older systems, these may increase in regularity and severity. Sometimes, your system may not switch on at all due to an electrical fault – so in these cases, check to see if your breakers and fuses are still working, or if the fault is coming from an overheating component.

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