Water Recycling Solutions From Britannia Wash Systems

Our innovative Britannia Reclaim water-saving and recycling system integrates with a variety of wash bays and helps vehicle operators reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Increase the volume of water reclaimed from each wash cycle

 Lower your water expenditure

 Improve sustainability

 Reduce the cost of vehicle washing

 Save money on water treatment and processing

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Our recycling and conservation systems are designed for all operators of commercial vehicles – including:

Bus and coach operators

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Train/rolling stock operators

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Commercial vehicle fleets

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Mobile plant and machinery operators

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How Fleet Operators Benefit From Water Recycling

Reducing water usage offers significant financial savings for businesses, as well as broader environmental benefits. 

Cleaning large numbers of buses, coaches, trains, or municipal vehicles can consume significant quantities of water. This makes a water recycling and reclamation system a valuable investment for any commercial fleet operator. 

The Britannia water reclamation system is suitable for all wash types and is capable of recycling up to 100% of water during the wash process.

What makes THE Britannia Reclaim the ideal water recycling system for your business?

Britannia Reclaim is a unique water-saving device, featuring cutting-edge design and technology to both improve the volume of water reclaimed and lower the cost of water treatment and recycling. 

The system is contained within an extremely robust one-piece moulded casing that integrates conveniently with any drive-through wash bay, gantry system, plant enclosure, or other vehicle wash installations.

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Efficient Three - Tank System For Optimal Recycling And Water Quality

The design of the Britannia Reclaim is based on a unique three stage system:

Stage 1 - Water is drawn from the wash bay sump or external interceptor tank by a stainless steel suction pump.


Stage 2 - A HYDRO-cyclone filter separates off large sediment and the remainder is left to settle in a sump tank – which can be easily emptied for the safe disposal of soluble solids.


STAGE 3 - The process is repeated through a second wash tank, before a third filtering process through AN activated carbon FILTER. This final stage removes cleaning chemicals, oils, organics and other waste matter, leaving just clean water to return to the system for reuse.

Automated Operation

The unit is controlled by a sophisticated microprocessor system and can be programmed to function automatically at predesignated times as required. Depending on the wash system into which it is integrated, the Reclaim can give full or partial output. Dosing equipment is also supplied and easily adjustable to meet the needs of different treatment chemicals.

About Britannia Wash Systems

Britannia Wash Systems are a specialist manufacturer of commercial vehicle wash solutions, based in the UK. We serve customers all over the world in the public transit, logistics and distribution, and train network sectors – helping businesses save money and improve productivity within their wash systems.

For more information about the Britannia Reclaim, and how it can integrate with your current water treatment processes to increase your recycling rates, please call today on 01789 400096, or click here to send a message.


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