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Britannia Wash Systems provide innovative vehicle wash bays for trains, trams and rolling stock operators.

Our Britannia TW10 fully automated train wash system is a vital investment for railway rolling stock operators, keeping rolling stock clean and well-presented between journeys, and maximising customer safety.

Suitable for trains of all sizes and models – covering both passenger and freight stock

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 Rapid throughput of up to 200 carriages per hour  

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High-performance reliability for intensive cleaning cycles and regular use

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 Water and energy efficient

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 Excellent sustainability profile

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 Full installation and technical support from our experienced team

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The TW10 is a durable and robust automated wash unit, providing high-quality, cost-effective train washing for fleets of varying sizes and wash requirements.

Fast Throughput

The Britannia TW10 is fast and versatile, with the capacity to process up to 200 train carriages per hour at full capacity. It can wash single cars as well as multiples to any extent, and the order of presentation can be adapted to suit your requirements. Any type of rolling stock can be accommodated, from engines to passenger carriages, commuter trams, and freight units. 

The system is also easily adaptable to manage different gauges – e.g. for non-UK rolling stock and miniature/heritage railways.

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Engineering Quality

The TW10 features a robust frame to ensure stability for reliable operation and durability through long service periods. Wash quality is kept consistent with innovative water pressure management and cycle programming tools. 

The brushes are made of polyethene 'X' material, which repels rather than retains soiling, meaning that dirt is quickly removed rather than redistributed across the cleaning surface. 

This optimises your water use per cleaning cycle and reduces your operating expenses and improves your sustainability profile.

Optional Features

Additional optional washing facilities such as front, rear and roof wash systems can be fitted as needed, plus skirt and valence wash, water recycling and effluent treatment options.

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Easy To Install And Operate

The TW10 is easy to install and operate at any type of rail depot or maintenance facility. Its fully automatic washing cycle requires no user intervention once a cycle is started. The TW10's modular design also makes it a highly extensible system, with additional wash bays quick to add should your requirements change. Full support and aftersales care are provided by Britannia Wash Systems.

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Why Britannia Wash Systems?

Britannia Wash Systems are one of the world’s leading producers of specialist wash bays for rolling stock, with customers around the globe, and an established trading history since 1923. Our customisable wash bays offer rail operators unbeatable flexibility, value for money, and cost efficiency – providing reliable levels of hygiene for rolling stock over a long service life per unit.


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