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Our Wash Systems


Innovative bus wash systems for coach operators and public transport companies.

We offer a range of three automated drive-through wash systems designed for buses, coaches, and transit vehicles of all sizes – ideal for any size of a vehicle fleet.

Innovative Wash Solutions For Your Fleet

Customisable solutions for small to large fleets

Suitable for minivans, single-deckers, double-deckers, articulated buses, and coaches

Full support during installation

Excellent warranty and after-sales technical support

Water efficient to reduce waste and maximise water recycling

Low operating costs

Modest footprint – suitable for all types of the bus depot and cleaning facilities

Modular systems that can be scaled according to need

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Our Solutions Include

Britannia Supreme 2 brush fully automated drive through

The Britannia Supreme wash system is perfectly suited to all types of passenger-carrying vehicles, large and small. Like the Streamline, it can process different-sized vehicles in any order of presentation. It also benefits from fast and efficient wash rates and can clean up to 50 buses per hour, making the Supreme a good choice for small to medium-sized fleets.

The Britannia Supreme is designed for high-quality wash results over long periods, with low operational costs. The system is easy to install and maintain. Its compact and robust construction offers great versatility for limited installation spaces.

Britannia Strong 3 brush fully automated gantry wash

The Britannia Strong is a high-performance 3 brush automated gantry wash system, suitable for a wide range of vehicles up to 5m in height – making it ideal for fleets that include double-decker buses and large coaches. Its moving gantry uses cutting-edge control systems to ensure effective and consistent washing over the full surface area with little programming or operational intervention during the process. The system can be programmed for either single or double-pass washes depending on time and cleaning requirements.

The heavy box-section steel frame provides great rigidity, ensuring consistent results and keeping vehicles and operators safe from damage during operation. Its small footprint means that it can be installed in limited operational spaces, as well as larger wash bays. The system is perfect for small to medium-sized passenger vehicle fleets and can be equipped with water reclamation systems for greater efficiency.

Britannia Streamline 4 brush fully automated drive through

The Britannia Streamline is built for performance and longevity. Capable of processing a full vehicle wash in only 50 seconds, this 4-brush system offers our fastest bus wash. The Streamline can process small to large vehicle sizes, from minibuses to double-deckers. Vehicles can be presented in any order and the process may be limited to side-wash only if desired.

The Streamline is simple to install and has low maintenance requirements. With exceptional wash results, robust build quality and cost-effective operation, this compact system is ideal for large and varied passenger vehicle fleets, with demanding cleaning requirements.

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About Britannia Wash Systems

Britannia Wash Systems work with bus operators and public transport companies around the world, and in nearly a century of operation, has established a market-leading reputation for technical innovation and reliability. 

Our wash systems are capable of processing extensive vehicle fleets effectively and quickly, conserving water and keeping energy costs low. They are versatile enough to accommodate all types of passenger-carrying vehicles, from minibuses to coaches and double-deckers. We offer both drive-through and gantry wash systems, which are fully automated to provide fast, safe and consistently clean results.

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