We offer personalised consultancy to help you make the best investment decisions for your business when buying a new wash system.

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➢ Support investing your capital in the right equipment

➢ Futureproofing your investment by incorporating scalability into your purchase

➢ Bespoke solutions for your cleaning regime and the needs of your vehicles

➢ Advice on the best repair and maintenance schedule to maximise uptime 

➢ Repair, refurbish, or replace? – we can advise you on the most cost-effective strategy to derive the maximum value from your assets

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Expert insights to enable you to obtain all your project outcomes within your budget and timescale

➢ Find out how targeted automation solutions can boost throughput and efficiency

➢ Discover how recycling more water can improve your company’s sustainability profile

➢ Support with KPI setting and project management – avoid mistakes during implementation and reduce setup costs across multisite projects

Why Use Our Expert Consultancy Service?

Introducing new vehicle wash systems or upgrading your current plant can be a significant investment with several stages to the process, so it's important to get the best advice right from the start. 

Britannia Wash Systems are happy to accompany customers throughout the journey, offering expert advice at the outset, based on our many years of experience, technological know-how and accurate assessments of customer needs and market conditions.

We will conduct a full site review to determine each customer's individual requirements. We take all relevant factors into consideration, including fleet requirements, budgetary determinants, geographical location, space constraints and supporting resources. And of course, we can offer upgrades or replacement options based on a detailed assessment of your existing systems and processes.

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Experience You Can Rely On

Our engineers and designers have many years of experience in planning and developing wash systems for many kinds of vehicles in a wide range of sectors. We draw on this knowledge, as well as our cutting-edge expertise to give honest and reliable advice on improvements and savings for any project. 

We'll define system plans and requirements clearly, as well as analysing cost structures, so you can be clear on budgetary concerns and the prospects for your investment. We're also happy to offer scoping advice for future projects.

Speak with one of our consultants – to book an appointment with one of our consultants or to discuss your needs informally with one of our support team, please call 01789 400096 today, or by clicking here to send us a message.

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