Britannia Wash Systems provide customisable wash enclosures and plant rooms for plant and machinery operators – with energy-efficient wash cycles, low maintenance requirements, and minimal operating costs.

Adaptable to your site requirements

 All types of plant, equipment, and machinery accommodated

 Suitable for heavily soiled plant

 Mobile options available for construction applications

 Small installation footprint

 Excellent water efficiency

 Integrated water reclaim/recycling systems

Market-leading return on investment for regular wash requirements

Wash Enclosures

Our range of Britannia SR galvanised wash enclosures are designed for use with any vehicle wash facility and can be manufactured to any specification for current and new projects.

Ideal for mobile construction plant, tools, machinery, and commercial vehicles

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Contains cleaning chemicals and water within the wash enclosure

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Rapid cleaning cycle

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Allows process water to be recycled for treatment and reuse

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Why Use A Wash Enclosure From Britannia Wash Systems?

Vehicle wash systems that are installed in restricted spaces may need to be contained within wash enclosures. This protects operators and passers-by from dirt, water spray, or harsh cleaning chemicals. Nearby equipment and the surrounding area are also kept safe. 

The Britannia SR galvanised wash enclosure is designed to be used in conjunction with any wash facility, from bus and train wash bays through to gantry systems, as well as jet washes for plant hygiene, which can be particularly susceptible to excess spray.

Excellent Durability And Engineering Quality

The enclosure benefits from robust construction and a galvanised carbon steel finish protecting against corrosion, providing many years of reliable performance in outdoor conditions, with low maintenance requirements. 

We manufacture each enclosure to your project specifications, to suit vehicle/plant washes large and small. Our designs are flexible enough to integrate with new or existing wash facilities.

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Modular Plant Rooms

Britannia constructs bespoke modular plant rooms to meet a diverse range of equipment washing requirements on construction sites, quarrying operations, farms, and manufacturing facilities.

Available in 10, 20, 30 and 40-foot specifications.

Free-standing system, requiring no civil works to install, and may be set up in any area with a level base.

Each plant room functions as a fully contained environmental wash centre.

Excellent water conservation and energy efficiency

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Why Invest in A Modular Plant Room?

Plant rooms keep users safely protected from operational equipment, complementing the security of your wash systems' remote control and automation features. 

They are configurable to accommodate all plant equipment and the modular design means extension options are only limited by your own space. 

To reduce water wastage and maximise efficiency, water is collected beneath the room and can be re-processed using a water reclamation system, like our Britannia RC200.

Why Work With Britannia Wash Systems?

With nearly 100 years of unbroken trading experience, Britannia Wash systems are one of the world’s leading providers of bespoke wash solutions for plant and vehicle operators. From our base in the UK, we deliver cost-effective solutions that aim to maximise water efficiency and create a contained environment for washing a large variety of equipment types.

Contact us to find out more – for a free quote or to discuss your project specifications, please call 01789 400096 or click here to send us a message.


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