As the owner of a public transport or private hire vehicle fleet, you will already understand the importance of presentation. Clean vehicles convey a strong sense of company identity and professionalism – few fare-paying passengers wish to travel on dirty or unkempt vehicles – but routine washing isn’t just a question of pride in your brand: the accumulation of dirt and grit can cause damage to your vehicles’ paintwork, which will be costly to remedy in the long-term.

If you rely on a commercial wash system to keep your fleet in pristine condition, there are compelling reasons why you should strictly observe a programme of scheduled maintenance:

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1) Ensure Optimum Performance And Lower Your Costs

Maintaining your vehicle wash system is vital to ensure that it performs to the best of its ability. Many bus companies invest heavily in vehicle wash systems, only to find the body panels still caked in persistent dirt when they arrive back at the depot, so a programme of scheduled maintenance will root out any potential equipment failures and ensure that your wash system delivers excellent results, first time, every time.

2) Prevent Major Mechanical Problems Before They Occur

Major equipment breakdowns rarely occur without warning, but the early signs of an impending problem are often hard to spot. In a programme of preventive maintenance, key components will be thoroughly inspected and evaluated for wear, so it is likely that emerging problems will be spotted before they can become more serious. Not only will this prevent inconvenient periods of unexpected downtime but will reduce your repair bills in the long run.

3) Prevent Safety Issues That Could Endanger Your Staff

Vehicle wash systems are large and complex pieces of machinery which, while highly effective in keeping vehicle fleets clean, can pose serious safety issues if not properly maintained. For example, maintenance can remove debris from the system that could become lodged in moving components, causing the system to fail. Also, dirt could obscure vital health and safety warning signs that could lead to a serious accident if staff are unable to take heed of the dangers present.

Before embarking on a maintenance programme, you should find out how often your vehicle wash system should be cleaned and maintained, whether it is daily, weekly, or monthly. This will enable you to stick to a routine and identify problems as they arise, rather than being caught out unexpectedly by unforeseen faults.

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