Nobody enjoys travelling on dirty public transport; poorly maintained stock can deter commuter traffic and risk reputational damage through social media. Additionally, since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, transport users have become more aware of the risks posed by unclean environments, particularly those that accommodate many people in compact spaces. A survey conducted at the height of the pandemic revealed that 70 per cent of Londoners were uncomfortable travelling to work on public transport.

With Covid-19 and other seasonal illnesses still prominent in society, and commuters having acquired a more acute awareness of the risks of contagious illness, it’s vital that train operators implement effective cleaning regimes aboard their carriages. In this article, we’ll explore the consequences of not keeping municipal systems clean.

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Falling Passenger Numbers

With passenger numbers severely hit during the pandemic and subsequently affected by the rail chaos caused by the 2022 strikes, it’s vital that train companies do everything within their power to attract customers back to the rail network, especially as working from home has become a more common occurrence for many formerly daily commuters. But if trains or trams appear to be dirty on the outside, many passengers may wonder what level of cleanliness is on the inside and ‘Is it safe to travel by train now?’.

 Low Employee Morale

A successful rail franchise depends on the productivity of its staff, so it’s vital to take active steps to keep personnel happy and engaged, especially in light of the ongoing industrial disputes. If customers feel uneasy with the standards of cleanliness on board, it’s likely that your train crew will too, especially if there’s an elevated risk of illness. Consequently, employees may leave and take their skills to rival companies; yet more industrial action may be called; gaps in shift rotas may appear if staff are off unwell for long periods.

Increased Air Pollution

Pressure is mounting on transport companies to deliver more sustainable services, but the potent mix of fossil fuels, dirt, grit, and bacteria places a strain on local habitats and increases your business’s carbon footprint. Advertising your train or tram company as an environmentally friendly operator will help attract customers and potential investment, while thorough cleaning of carriages inside and out will improve your reputation.

The Benefits Of Investing In A Train And Tram Washing Solution

With a train and tram washing solution from Britannia Wash Systems, you can keep your fleet in perfect condition, giving passengers confidence in the cleanliness of your trains and encouraging them to take public transport again.

Our washing systems can clean up to 200 carriages an hour, so you can afford to wash your fleet regularly without losing valuable time on the rails, playing your part in contributing to a cleaner environment.

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