Employers have a legal responsibility to protect the health and safety of people who use their premises. For commercial fleet operators, rail franchises, and bus companies, it is important to take appropriate measures to lower the risk of Legionnaires Disease for staff who operate your vehicle wash bays and jet washes. Here are the key things to do:

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Carry Out A Risk Assessment

Check your water system equipment, like the pumps and storage equipment for example, to determine how likely it is to expose users to legionella. You should learn as much as possible about your water systems. Examples of the things to look for include the water temperature, which should be between twenty and forty-five degrees Celsius. Also, look to see whether your systems re-circulate or store water, and whether they produce conditions where bacteria can grow.

When assessing the risk, pay close attention to your current risk control measures (if they exist) and the training of relevant staff members. Jet wash operators and people who touch water directly are at greater risk than those who operate self-contained wash bays, for instance. The procedures for monitoring, inspecting, and maintaining the equipment should be examined too, along with the results of previous inspections. If you decide that the risks are minimal and are being managed in a legally compliant way, keep your existing measures, and review them frequently. This way, you will be prepared for any future changes.

Manage The Risk

A competent, trustworthy person ought to be assigned the task of managing any risks identified from Legionella exposure. This person can be you, one or several staff members, or an external contractor. If you choose the third option, the person in question is still responsible for ensuring that the water treatment, or related work, is completed to the necessary standards. Schemes like the Code of Conduct for Service Providers are helpful for this purpose. You can refer to the legionella risk assessment standard published by The British Standards Institute as well.

Control Or Prevent The Risk

Firstly, you should determine whether the risks of Legionella and other micro-organisms can be prevented, by examining what kind of washing system you require. This system ought to be designed, maintained and operated in a way that controls the proliferation of Legionella effectively. Water temperatures are an important consideration, because the bacteria is dormant below twenty degrees Celsius and can't survive over sixty degrees Celsius. Other recommendations include ensuring that water spraying is controlled properly, and that the water is treated to limit the ability of bacteria to develop.

Find Out More

Britannia Washing Systems keep abreast of industry regulations and maintain water recycling systems to ensure they are clean, with no possibility of a legionella outbreak. We are one of the leading manufacturers of commercial vehicle wash equipment in the UK. As such, we listen to our customers to find out what they want from a water recycling system and provide technical guidance where necessary. Please call one of our knowledgeable team today on 01789400096 to find out more.

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