For fleet operators and haulage companies, keeping lorries in pristine condition is an essential part of business operations. As well as reducing maintenance costs in the long run by preventing the excessive buildup of grime and debris, lorry washing also improves visibility and safety for drivers and projects a professional reputation that reflects positively on the business.


However, achieving exceptional standards of cleanliness requires the right commercial wash system or else water, time, and money will disappear down the drain with only mediocre results. In this article, we’ll compare truck wash systems with standard wash systems so you can make an informed decision about the best commercial truck wash solution for your business.


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When Size Does Matter

Industrial truck or lorry wash systems are specifically designed and engineered to handle the larger dimensions and heavy-duty cleaning needs of commercial vehicles, such as lorries. With their oversized wash bays, they can accommodate vehicles of all shapes and sizes, enabling them to enter, manoeuvre, and exit the wash area with sufficient space. In contrast, standard washing systems are designed to cater for smaller vehicles, search as cars, vans, and motorcycles, and simply aren’t accessible to larger vehicles.

Tackling The Most Stubborn Dirt

Lorries cover an incredible distance each year, travelling in all weathers from one end of the country to the other and often venturing overseas. Consequently, they accumulate a large amount of dirt and debris, such as grit salt, which can damage bodywork and mechanical components if the vehicle is left unwashed. Truck wash systems feature specialist cleaning tools, such as high-pressure nozzles, rotating brushes, and industrial-strength detergents to eradicate even the most stubborn dirt, diesel exhaust buildup, and grime. High water pressure and consistent flow rates ensure that no part of the vehicle is untouched. However, car wash systems use lower water pressure and basic sprayers and brushes which simply cannot provide the deep meticulous cleaning that larger commercial vehicles require.

Achieving Exceptional Efficiency

Car washes tend to be quick, completing a cleaning cycle in only minutes whereas commercial truck wash systems require more time and water. It is, therefore, understandable that fleet operators may be tempted to choose standard wash systems, particularly if they are working to tight schedules or have a large number of vehicles. Cutting corners, however, is a false economy as inadequate washing can accelerate paint damage, bodywork corrosion, and mechanical issues, leading to higher costs in the long term. The extended service life and protective benefits of truck wash systems make them well worth the higher operational costs and will deliver a healthy return on investment in the long run.


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