Despite 70 per cent of the Earth's surface being covered by water, water for human consumption and use is actually a scarce resource. Only a tiny fraction of the world's water is accessible, while the processing and treatment of water consumes large amounts of energy and chemicals, contributing to the production of carbon emissions and the contamination of freshwater sources.


If you operate a truck washing system but don’t invest in reclaimed water, your business is potentially failing in its duty to responsibly manage and conserve water resources. A water reclamation system is a cost-efficient and effective way to adopt sustainable business practices that will minimise the environmental impact of water processing and protect this vital resource for future generations.




Reduce Your Business’s Environmental Impact

At its core, water reclamation aligns with efforts to minimise resource dependency and mitigate negative environmental impacts – particularly with Net Zero drawing closer. Inevitably, the process of washing lorries results in unavoidable runoff that contains a potent mix of chemicals, dirt, oils, and other contaminants. If not properly managed, this runoff can pollute local water courses and ecosystems. By reclaiming, treating, and reusing wastewater through advanced filtration, truck wash systems can drastically reduce their dependence on fresh water sources while preventing the release of pollutants into the environment.


Save Money

Implementing a wash-water reclaim system can yield substantial cost savings for your business, as reducing the need for a continuous supply of fresh water will result in lower utility bills. Many water reclamation systems also reduce or eliminate wastewater disposal costs by treating and recycling runoff on-site. These operational cost reductions can be of significant value, particularly for companies who operate large truck washes at high volumes.


Strengthen Your Compliance

From a compliance point of view, water reclamation systems will help your business to stay at the forefront of increasingly taxing environmental regulations around the use and discharge of water. By taking a proactive approach to water reclamation, you can avoid incurring financial penalties for excessive consumption or discharge of water that could disrupt your operations or impact your profitability.


Enhance Your Reputation For Sustainability

Truck wash water recycling systems will also enhance your business’s reputation for sustainability, which is an increasingly important factor for many customers, investors, and employees. As corporate social responsibility assumes greater importance in a world that is more focused than ever on the environmental catastrophe facing the planet, the ability to showcase successes in water conservation through reclamation can be a powerful asset for businesses committed to sustainability.


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