Trains, like other vehicles, are not immune to accumulations of dirt, particularly when exposed to poor weather conditions or environmental contamination over vast distances or timescales. Rain and snow, pollen, chemicals, and oil can build up on the body of the train or vital mechanical components, such as wheels and braking systems, affecting its appearance and performance, and increasing the risk of corrosion to key parts.


Washing a train - for fairly obvious reasons – is not like cleaning a smaller vehicle, such as a car or lorry. Train wash systems equipped with custom washers, therefore, are vital for the cleanliness, functionality, and longevity of these substantial locomotives.





Delivering Consistent Standards For Every Locomotive


Trains aren't your average-sized vehicles, but vast and intricate machines that can stretch up to 400 metres in length in the UK. Like other vehicles, they can also vary in shape, so train wash systems must be able to adapt to the individual design of each train in order to deliver effective cleaning. Custom washers are tailored to accommodate the different sizes and shapes of trains, ensuring comprehensive cleaning coverage across its entire length. From locomotives to carriages, these washers are adept at accessing every inch of the bodywork, guaranteeing a thorough cleaning process.


Efficient Water Management


The sheer size of trains could result in substantial water consumption during the washing process if actions were not taken to minimise waste, which would increase utility bills and downgrade profits. Our custom washers deliver essential cost savings by incorporating advanced water recycling and treatment systems that not only optimise water usage but also minimise the impact on the environment - helping your business to achieve its sustainability goals without compromising on the condition of its rolling stock.


Adherence To Safety Standards


The transport industry is heavily regulated to minimise the risk of accidents and safeguard passengers and staff. Train operations must adhere to stringent safety standards to retain their operating licences, even during cleaning processes. Custom washers are designed with safety regulations in mind, ensuring that cleaning procedures align with protocols. By delivering a meticulous approach to train washing, our equipment mitigates risks and ensures that cleaning operations don't compromise the safety and functionality of trains.


Surface-Specific Cleaning


Trains are manufactured from a variety of surfaces, including metal, glass, rubber, and plastic. A one-size-fits-all approach to train washing could result in ineffective cleaning or damage to surfaces, so custom washers are designed to utilise appropriate cleaning agents and techniques for each surface type, preventing damage while delivering exceptional results. A tailored approach guarantees both efficiency and the preservation of the train's various materials, reducing the need to replace components or carry out costly repairs.


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