All UK businesses are under pressure to improve their carbon footprint and reduce emissions, and this burden falls especially heavily on commercial fleet operators and public transport providers. Common sustainability solutions revolve around vehicle fuel efficiency and the transition away from fossil fuels, but your water usage strategy and recycling can also play a big part in reducing your operational carbon footprint.

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How Does Water Recycling Work?

Commercial water recycling plants collect wastewater from different sources on site – e.g. from a vehicle wash bay – and filter it to make it safe for reuse. So, instead of relying exclusively on water from the mains, your business can create its own self-sufficient supply of water that is already treated and filtered to the required standard, lowering the energy required to continually treat and process new supplies of clean water.

How Does Water Usage Affect Carbon Footprint?

Following from this, recycling can help reduce your carbon emissions in several ways. Firstly, a good system can reduce waste by using the same water multiple times in place of using freshwater every time. Drawing water from the mains for non-drinking purposes is extremely wasteful, as all mains water is extensively treated to make it safe for human consumption. The standards required for water used simply to wash buses and coaches are far lower, so reclaimed water will be completely adequate in these circumstances. Water reclamation, therefore, reduces your carbon footprint indirectly by avoiding the need for utilities companies to process water used exclusively for commercial purposes.

An on-site water recycling system also provides a consistent supply of safe and clean water for cleaning, heating, cooling and other purposes, reducing the energy (and carbon) required to pump, transport, treat, and store process water from alternative sources, so it also yields direct savings by reducing your energy expenditure – saving you money while simultaneously benefiting the environment.

Water Recycling And Sustainability Solutions

Britannia Wash Systems provide energy efficient water recycling systems that help reduce costs and improve efficiency for bus, train, and mobile plant operators. To find out more about the sustainability benefits of our solutions, and how they can help you lower your carbon footprint, please contact us today.

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