A good water recycling system can save your commercial vehicle business money on water and energy use, while also improving environmental standards and compliance. In this article, we look at the main benefits of investing in a high-quality water recycling or reclamation system for any business that operates a fleet of commercial vehicles, trains, buses, or trams.

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Vehicle wash bay operators must comply with a wide range of environmental regulations, designed to contain and limit the potential damage caused by contaminated water, and preventing the discharge of wastewater or effluent into surface water sources. Operational safeguards can include installing screens around your jet washing bays to protect operators and catch any pollutants, as well as to reduce surface run-off and overspill.

However, by investing in a water reclamation system, you will also be able to reduce the total volume of wastewater released back into the mains, and conserve vital water resources in a circular economy of use, treatment, and reuse on site. Responsible and ecologically sustainable use of water will help you avoid fines and improve your reputation as an environmentally responsible fleet operator.

Cost Savings

Water reclamation isn’t solely, or even primarily, a matter of environmental compliance, but is also a pragmatic cost saving strategy that can save fleet operators thousands of pounds a year in lower energy bills. Most operators start to see the financial benefits of water reclamation almost immediately after installation, and the savings keep adding up over time, as once you’ve implemented water recycling, there are no added costs in sourcing water from the mains, and in the long run a good system will provide a very high return on investment.

A water recycling system will save you money and reduce costs in two ways – firstly by lowering the expenses associated with waste disposal, and secondly by reducing the money spent purchasing additional water resources from the mains. Both factors can have an enormous impact on operating overhead costs over time, especially if you own a large fleet of commercial vehicles that require regular cleaning, or operate multiple locations throughout the country.

Operational Efficiency And Safety

A well-designed water reclamation or recycling system will save time and boost productivity, by enabling you to process more vehicles through your wash systems in the same time. With a purpose designed solution aligned to the needs of your business, water supply and demand can be automated and better managed, saving you both time and money on water management.

Furthermore, a good system will improve safety standards by ensuring that your process water is free from biological contaminants – such as bacteria or viruses – that could harm your employees and plant operators, or damage the environment if released untreated into the sewer. By investing in a custom system for your enterprise, your water reclamation systems can be integrated seamlessly into your existing infrastructure and processes, so that they require minimal upkeep or disruption of your operations during implementation.

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