Operating a fleet of vehicles carries many responsibilities, least not keeping them in optimum condition through regular washing and maintenance. But when schedules are tight and you need to get your vehicles on the road, it is understandable that you may give them only a cursory clean, focusing on areas that are perceived to be most important, such as windscreens, mirrors, and lights.

One aspect that should never be overlooked, however, is the wheels. As well as bearing the weight of the vehicle, they play an important role in ensuring safety, efficiency, and environmental sustainability. In this article, we’ll delve into why a vehicle wheel wash system is essential for your commercial fleet and the benefits it offers.

Safety First

Clean wheels aren't just about aesthetics – although they can definitely convey a strong sense of professionalism to fee-paying passengers: they are also fundamental for safety. A pristine wheel allows for easier and more precise inspection of critical components, such as brakes and tyres which, if defective, could cause catastrophic consequences. Identifying issues like worn brake pads or damaged tyres is much easier if the wheels are thoroughly clean, ensuring potential hazards are addressed before they escalate on the road.


Enhanced Brake Performance


It goes without saying that braking systems need to be in optimum condition to safeguard passengers and protect your business from prosecution should an accident occur as a result of defective parts. The accumulation of brake dust and debris on wheels is likely when vehicles are covering a high number of miles and can seriously impair brake performance. Utilising a robust vehicle wheel wash system prevents the build up of contaminants, promoting optimum brake function and ensuring responsive braking when it matters most.


Cost-Effective Vehicle Maintenance


Installing a wheel washing system can also deliver some important cost savings in the long-term. When wheels and braking systems become coated in dirt, debris, and contaminants, such as grit salt, they can corrode more quickly, leading to poor performance or failed safety tests. Regular washing will remove stubborn deposits and reduce the accumulation of corrosive materials, mitigating maintenance issues and reducing the need for extensive repairs.


A Sustainable Approach


As well as offering tangible benefits for the vehicle operator, maintaining clean wheels also contributes to environmental sustainability, which is a key driver in attracting new customers to your brand. By preventing the spread of oil, grease, and debris over road surfaces, wheel cleanliness minimises environmental contamination, fostering cleaner surroundings and a reduced ecological footprint.


Higher Resale Value


Finally, a well-maintained fleet, boasting spotless wheels and meticulously tended undercarriages, carries a significant advantage when it comes to the sale of vehicles. Cleanliness signals a commitment to the fleets’ upkeep, uplifting the value of the vehicles and enabling a better return on investment during resale or upgrades. Buyers who are convinced that vehicles are well-cared for are more likely to invest in them over ones that show clear signs of neglect and, therefore, require more extensive maintenance and repairs.


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