In commercial terms, water recycling – also known as water reuse or water reclamation – is the process of treating and reusing wastewater and using it for new purposes on site. For operators of commercial vehicle wash bays a water recycling strategy could involve reclaiming process water for reuse within the bay in a continuous cycle, thus reducing the business’s dependence on the water mains.

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Water recycling is, therefore, a potent money-saving strategy which can also yield important environmental benefits. Water recycling systems helps reduce the strain of businesses on natural water resources by providing an alternative source of clean water for a variety of purposes – and can also reduce the costs associated with traditional water treatment and sanitisation methods.

What makes water recycling so critical for environmental management?

Reduced Waterborne Pollution

One of the most significant benefits of commercial water recycling is that it reduces the volume of pollutants entering the public water system. Water used to wash buses, trains, and other commercial vehicles receive a variety of chemical and organic contaminants. They can be environmentally damaging if they reach the water table and are expensive to remove when released into the public sewer.

Reclamation and treatment on site, therefore, can ensure that all process water is free from contaminants and safe for reuse in a wash bay or other commercial applications.

Saves Energy And Money

Water-based applications are often energy-thirsty, with significant electrical expenditure required to transport water and pump it around the site, as well as to operate the wash system itself. Recycling wastewater from vehicle wash bays helps conserve energy by reducing the amount of power used to transport and treat freshwater from its source. This instead creates a circular economy in which resources are conserved and reused. Lower energy usage directly reduces the carbon footprint of businesses involved in water reclamation, and also lowers the strain on ecosystems caused by diverting freshwater away from sensitive areas for commercial use.

Water Reclamation And Recycling Systems From Britannia Wash Systems

At Britannia Wash Systems, we provide water recycling solutions that help reduce costs and improve efficiency for all users of commercial vehicle wash systems. As part of a tailored water management and treatment system, our solutions can help reduce your overall energy expenditure and your water consumption, also helping you improve your environmental management credentials by lessening your impact on the local ecology and water table.

To find out more, please get in touch with a member of our experienced technical sales team.

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